Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Hotels

In your industry of hospitality, owners are striving to have their customer needs cared for. It is time for your insurance coverage to cater to you and your needs. Whether you are a restaurant, banquet hall, hotel or campground owner you need to be sure that you are protected correctly by your insurance. The Pillar Corporation has top rated insurance carriers that specialize in your hospitality needs.


Liability for Guest Property – Provide coverage for your guest property. This coverage provides coverage for guests if they have important belongings in their room or in the safe.

Business Interruption – This type of coverage will provide reimbursement or make up the difference between its normal income and its income during a shutdown. All types of business interruption can take place when your business is ceases or is limited in operation due to an accident or injury of an employee, legal liability claim, or a property loss. Some of these situations can be caused by theft, vandalism, fire, flood, natural disasters, and power outages.


Spoilage Coverage – In case of a power outage or a loss it is important to keep your food and/or supplies covered in case of spoilage. To determine the amount of insurance your restaurant should have contact The Pillar Corporation today.