Insurance is insurance, right? Better think again! Is your bike covered for all the additional chrome and upgrades that you added? What happens if you’re riding cross country on a trip and your bike breaks down? Here are some additional coverages that you may or may not be aware of:

• Trip Interruption
• Roadside Assistance
• Accessory Coverage
• Disappearing Deductibles
• Transport Trailer Coverage

Discounts Available Now

• Safe Driver Advantage
• Multi-Policy Discount
• New Bike Discount
• Anti-Theft Discount
• Paid in Full Discount
• Motorcycle Safety Course (within 3 years)
• 3 Month Lay Up Discount (the complete months of December, January and February)
• 5 Month Lay Up Discount (the complete months of November, December, January, February and March)

Group and Association Discounts

• American Motorcycle Association
• Goldwing
• Religious Motorcycle
• Retreads