Workers Compensation

As an employer of a company, it is important to keep the work atmosphere safe. However accidents do happen. When an employee suffers a work related injury or illness, it can affect your business operations. The Pillar Corporation has a top rated insurance carriers able to provide the right coverage for your industry.

Workers Compensation is also called Employers Liability. When an employee gets injured this coverage provides coverage for lost wages, legal expenses, and medical care. Many states have different laws and regulations. Please contact one of our consultants to review a new or current workers compensation plan.

Options for Workers Compensation Plans

Loss Control – Be proactive and prevent losses. By preventing losses you are able to keep your rates low.

24/7 Claims Service – Report accidents when they happen.

Fraud Investigations – Don’t let employees get away with fraud. Our insurance companies can have professionals investigate claims to make sure they are real.

Litigation Protection – Our insurance providers, will retain counsel to represent you.

Return to Work Programs – Get employees back to work sooner.

Specific Industry Coverage – Let us know your industry and we can specialize a plan for you.

Payroll Billing Services – Pay as you go, this is a self-reported billing option that allows you to pay for the amount of coverage you need for each pay period.

Contractors Credit – If you are a contractor you may be eligible for a credit.