The reason why people get insurance is to protect their financial interests. Business owners should realize that property insurance is very important for their day to day operations. Commercial Property coverage helps protect building your buildings in case of a minor or major loss. The contents inside of the building can be covered under many categories. Personal Property can provide coverage for tables, chairs, file cabinets, office supplies, and in some cases stock/merchandise. Coverage for employee belongings are also available through personal property of others. One of the most important coverages on a Commercial Property policy is Business Income. In case of a significant loss, it is important to keep the company running. Business Income helps supply the insured with funds to cover bills, expenses for usage of temporary business locations, and some business income can cover payrolls for employees.

In addition to the property located within the building, commercial property can provide coverage that is outside the building. Fencing, trees, landscaping, signs, and lights are just some of the additional coverages available. Overall, it is important to explore the options that are available. Contact us today for a free consultation today!

Our Companies Offer

• On-site Inspections
• Loss Control
• 24/7 Claim Service
• Industry Specific Coverage

Additional Coverages Available

• Property in Transit
• Computer Fraud
• Accounts Receivable
• Off- Premise Utility Service
• Computers and Media