Auto Repair, Body Shops, Car Washes, Towing Operations

When it comes to taking care of your car it is very similar to taking care of your insurance. It is important to have an expert take a look “under the hood” and make sure you are safe from future exposures. We have carriers that specialize in Auto Repair, Body Shops, Car Washes, and Tow Truck operations. Our insurance carriers have the right tune up for your policy. Responsive claims handling, preventative risk control services, and fully customizable coverage plans are what we can provide.

Garage Liability is the coverage that these industries use. In addition to liability it is important to have coverage for your tools, equipments, lifts, employees tools, pollution cleanup, on hook coverage, garage keepers, and certain crime coverage.

Coverages Available

• Personal Property
• Pollution Cleanup
• Employee Dishonesty
• Employee Tools
• Equipment Breakdown
• Loss of Business Income from Contamination or Service Interruption
• Garage Keepers
• On-Hook Coverage
• Sign Coverage

If you belong to an association for your industry be sure to mention that for a discount on your commercial insurance! Contact one of our representatives today.